Thursday, 15 June 2017

Write about space

We have finally arrived at the moon. We can  see the moon holes on top of the moon.  My sister can hear the Rocket ship turning off.  I can smell my sweat from the  suit.  My brother can feel how hard  the Moon
rocks are.

By Sarsha

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  1. Hi Sarsha!

    My name is Ellee and I will be blogging with you this summer for the Summer Learning journey!

    This is such a cool video and story! What a great piece of descriptive writing! I am glad you got to the moon with your sister that would be so much fun, I think I would also take my brother and sister to the moon with me if I could!
    If you would like to keep practising your writing and video making over the summer check out our activities for the summer learning journey!

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    Hopefully I'll see you blogging over the summer soon!

    Ellee :)


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